Sassy’s new clothes


I met a woman at Target a couple weeks ago – I had Sassy with me. She asked me about Sassy’s story and we ended up talking for a while. She went on to share with me how she lost her two Chihuahuas in an awful accident…

She was walking down the alley in her neighborhood and, out of nowhere, someone let an unleashed German Shepherd out of a gate. That dog attacked and killed both of the Chihuahuas instantly. In the middle of trying to save her dogs’ lives, she broke her foot and sustained several bite wounds. She expressed so much pain around this loss, obviously so. We talked for a long time, cried, and hugged. We exchanged info, as she wanted to learn more about FetchFind and follow Sassy’s story.

That night, I received a text from her. She offered Sassy all of her dog’s clothes and accessories. She’d been holding onto them for a year and couldn’t bring herself to part with the items. She said as soon as she laid eyes on Sassy, she knew why she’d kept them and wanted to pass everything along to us.

I’d like to wrap this up neatly by saying there is a moral to the story, except that there isn’t. What happened to those poor Chihuahuas and their owner was horrible, and completely preventable. But as we start the week, I’d just like to say this – be kind to each other. The person next to you in the store might be suffering from crippling pain. You never know how a small act of kindness, or fifteen minutes out of your day to just listen, can help someone else begin to heal. And I’ve always thought that being given the opportunity to help someone else is a mitzvah granted to me, not the other way around.

Thank you, lady in Target. Thank you for letting me share your pain and your love for your dogs. And welcome to the FetchFind family.


Jamie Sig Trans - First Only


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