National Dog Day is August 26, 2017!


By Betsy Lane, MA

The dog days of summer are drawing to a close, and National Dog Day is heading our way tomorrow, August 26! This American holiday celebrates all dogs—young and old, hero and couch potato, purebred and mixed breed. National Dog Day also has a mission to increase people’s awareness of adoption as an option when adding a new pet to your family. Whether or not you’re thinking about adopting, or have already adopted a new dog (perhaps in one of the many Clear the Shelters events this month), we’re sure you’ll want to do something special to celebrate the dogs in your life!

Alyssa Serafin, PetSmart Salon Leader, recently took a few minutes to share her thoughts on how to celebrate. For newly adopted dogs, Alyssa stresses that a trip to the grooming salon can make a dog feel great, especially if it’s done right. Taking a bit of extra care with newly adopted dogs, Alyssa says many pups seem to leave with the attitude that “they know they look great, feel good, and get to go home to a fun new home with a family that loves them.”

With any first-time visit to a grooming salon, Alyssa recommends taking it slowly. She encourages low-key social visits to make good associations with the shop. “Start slowly; just come in and say hi, get a treat, and leave. The third or fourth time, make an appointment and leave the dog for just a minute or two, maybe for a nail trim or ear cleaning. Make it easy for the dogs in the beginning, and they’ll do better in the long run.”

For dogs comfortable with salon pampering, Alyssa notes that many owners like to get creative with nontoxic chalk coloring for ears or tails, or even a new “hairstyle” (poodle with a Mohawk, anyone?). Sports fans and kids love the temporary “tattoos” offered—spray-on stencils of NFL and MLB team logos and other designs.

Alyssa says, “Dogs are family members. We know your pets are your babies, and once they’re in our care, we treat them as if they were our own. We look forward to seeing the same dogs over time, and building connections with them and their human parents.”

Ultimately, it is exactly that sense of connection that every pet deserves. And that is something worth celebrating, on National Dog Day and every other day of the year!

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