Why does my dog kick up grass?


By Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFind

I have to admit – I always laugh when I see a little dog kicking a half ton of dirt and grass over his business when he’s done. There’s something about those vigorous little legs sending up a spray of dust and gravel that just tickles me, and they always seem so proud of it when they’re done. (I’m totally anthropomorphizing, here.)

What is a dog trying to accomplish with that behavior? There are two main reasons for it – first, he’s trying to cover up his poop and pee as a way of “tidying up” (like cats will do in a litter box), and second, he’s marking the ground with the scent glands* in his paws. A couple of good kicks help to release the pheromones wherever he’s made his deposit. It’s just another way of leaving his mark on the territory.

Helpful hint: if you have a kicker, I would strongly advise standing the side when going in with the poop bag for clean up. Otherwise you’ll be wearing that dirt and gravel under your contact lenses. (Most people only make that mistake once.)

*You know those scent glands – they’re the same ones that give dogs those delicious “Frito feet” that we all love so much.


“What the heck is that dog doing?!”

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