A tale of two collies

PawTree Blog Image March 2017

By Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFind

Most of you have seen pictures of my two rescue collies, Whisper and Mimsy.

But you probably don’t know their backstories.

I got Whisper when she was about four years old, rescued from a breeder who wanted to get rid of her because she wasn’t a good show dog and they didn’t plan on “continuing her line”.

What I didn’t know, until about a month after I got her home, was that they really wanted to get rid of her because she had a buttload of health issues – irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, thyroid, spondylosis, hip dysplasia – you name it, Whisper had it. Needless to say, merely determining the extent of her problems was hideously expensive, never mind the cost of the medicine and treatments. It took us about two years to get all of her conditions under reasonably good control, so that she wasn’t suffering and we weren’t running her into the vet every week with a new symptom.

Mimsy joined the family about a year or so after Whisper. She was the last of a handful of adult collies belonging to breeders in Indiana; her elderly owners had moved into a no-pets facility, and their neighbors rallied to find all of the dogs homes – except for Mimsy. No one wanted her (to this day I don’t understand why, because she’s awesome), so she lived in a garage for a few months while the neighbors took turns caring for her. A FetchFind Academy graduate got wind of the situation, and the next thing you know I had a message – “Wouldn’t you like to meet this beautiful collie, Jamie? She needs a good home.”

And…suddenly Mimsy was ours.

Her subsequent vet workup revealed that she has lupus and is mostly blind in one eye. After a few months of vet visits and sorting out medications and dosages, she was in a much sounder state than when we brought her home.

But I thought that they could both be better, healthier, and happier dogs, so I started tweaking their diets. I tried supplements, raw diets, allergen elimination, and paleo kibble. I even tried making their food myself, which was a total fail because it took forever and I couldn’t be consistent with the preparation or ingredients.

And then, just when I was about to give up and settle for “good enough” – I discovered pawTree.

I first “met” pawTree when they posted opportunities on our job board. A FetchFind team member started buying pawTree food for her dogs and loved it so much that she became a petPro; then she recommended it to me. So I looked at the ingredients, did my research, and placed my first order.

I kid you not – within two weeks Whisper was a new dog. Her coat was shinier, her skin was more supple, and the best part… her bowels started working normally (as in her first solid poop, ever. EVER.) I literally reached out to the company immediately and told them I had, for the first time in three years, a solid poop in my hand. (Ok, in a bag.) And because she wasn’t in constant discomfort, she started interacting more with people, displaying appropriate interest in her surroundings, and even playing with toys. (!!)

Mimsy also saw immediate benefits from the pawTree diet – her lupus flare ups decreased in severity and frequency, her digestion (and breath!) improved, and she now has the most beautiful Lassie-quality collie coat you’ve ever seen.

In general, I don’t recommend products I use to a wider audience – but I’m making an exception for pawTree. I’ve had a lot of dogs, and I’ve bought a lot of kibble, but I think this is the best pet food product line I’ve ever used. You can get food, treats, and supplements from pawTree, as well as the pawPairings seasonings (which are an absolute godsend for picky eaters).

Of course, you should always follow your vet’s recommendations when considering your pet’s dietary needs, but with that having been said – I proudly recommend that you try pawTree.



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