Got the 9-to-5 blues? We have the solution!


If you’ve taken Behavior Fundamentals Online, you already have a great foundation in canine behavior, communication, breeds, and evolution. If Fundamentals has whetted your appetite for all things dog and you want to learn more – or even ditch the cubicle and change your career – then FetchFind Academy is the logical next step!

FetchFind Academy is an eight month long, in-person training program that will teach you everything you need to learn to become a dog trainer. Our graduates are highly sought after for professional positions throughout the pet industry. The program consists of two, 4-month long sessions – Essential Training Skills and Advanced Training Skills.

Essential Training Skills

This is where we really start digging into topics such as associative learning, canine intelligence and emotion, classical and operant conditioning, anxiety and arousal thresholds, and nuisance behaviors. On top of that, you’ll begin to learn the basics of positive training (that’s where it really gets fun)!

During the four months of Essentials, you’ll have one instructor – the excellent Betsy Lane, founder of PetKiDo (pictured above, bottom row center, with the 2016 Academy class). This single instructor format promotes a sense of intimacy and camaraderie with your fellow students that lasts long after class work is over. This is where you start to build your network; these will always be the peeps who knew you when you were first starting out as a trainer, and it’s a valuable, lifelong bond.

Dates: Tuesday evenings from 6:30-9:30 pm, April 18 to August 8

  • Prerequisite:
 Behavior Fundamentals Online and placement exam
  • Program length:
 4 months
120 hours
  • Time spent:
 50% classroom
, 50% hands on
  • Apply here.

Advanced Training Skills

After you’re done with Essentials, graduates can move on to Advanced Training Skills. (If you’re already a dog trainer and want to further your career and hone your skill set, you can sign up for Advanced after passing a placement exam.) This program is a very hands-on, and includes many simulated and actual situations that face dog trainers today so that you can work through solutions with the guidance of our team of expert instructors and veteran dog trainers. You will learn how to create treatment plans, interact with clients. and identify all types of behavioral issues, including fear, anxiety, and aggression.

Dates: Tuesday evenings from 6:30-9:30 pm, August 15 to December 5

  • Prerequisite:
 Essential Training Skills or placement exam
  • Program length:
 4 months
65 hours
  • Time spent:
 25% classroom
, 75% hands on
  • Apply here.

We hope you’ll join us!  If you have any questions about the program, please contact Lynda Lobo at


The first step to becoming a dog trainer is signing up for Behavior Fundamentals Online. It’s only $49, and throughout the month of February we’ll donate half the purchase price to Best Friends Animal Society! 

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