Work like a dog or lead the pack: the Pet Boss guide to MORE foot traffic in your store


By Candace D’Agnolo, Founder of Pet Boss Nation & CEO of Dogaholics 

Would you rather have only a couple customers visit your pet business or have the door constantly flowing with people?

Of course, you’d rather have more customers bringing more money and freedom for you. But how? Does it feel sometimes like you’ve tried everything short of hiring a marching band?

Pet Boss Overwhelm happens quickly, because without knowing where to put your marketing dollars and how to find the right people, it might feel like the customers will never come to you!

So let’s break it down right now and end the overwhelm, because there are really only two ways to increase traffic to your business: find new customers and re-engage current clients.

It already seems like something you can take action on, doesn’t it? Here are three great ways to bring a flood of customers right now AND a free planning tool to get it all done.

Make friends with social media spending

If you’re still hoping your followers will start seeing all your posts again free, I’m here to tell you that ship has sailed. It’s easy to waste money on Facebook ads and Social Media Managers, if you jump in without a plan, but it can be simple and inexpensive to have great success there, too!

First, let’s talk about Facebook ads. Facebook is the cheapest way to advertise and you can target exactly your ideal customer! Play around in the ads manager by using pictures to create a slideshow and add music (…you can do that directly in the ads manager now). Then make sure to dig deep into the details of the advertising parameters (like radius down to the mile or zip codes, customize the audience to include dog lovers and exclude parents…for example. Focus on a specific age group and in the targeted details, you can even focus on things like careers of busy working professionals who would need daytime services).

Second, if you have a professional or a team member helping you with social media, make sure they know what your goals are and give them a plan for the types of the things they should be posting. Don’t just leave them hanging! Make sure they know to put a local spin on everything you do. Use local hash tags or while out on walks your team could posts photos of a dog in front of a local business. Don’t forget to tag that business, too! Boost any posts that are getting more traction than others.

Remind them you’re awesome

Once you get them, make sure you don’t just wait for them to think of you. Reach out to people who haven’t worked with you for the last 60 days by phone or email. If it’s a long time client, just check in and ask how “Fluffy is doing.” Let them know you’ve noticed you hadn’t seen them in a while, and you just wanted to make sure they were all doing okay.

If it’s a new customer, offer them a discount or special one time offer to get them back in. Just have a conversation. See if you can answer any questions they might have around their pet. You’re the expert in the pet industry! Help them out and it will likely turn into a future sale!

Develop a program with local rescues

I’m not talking about just offering coupons to adopters, which you should be doing if you’re not. What I’m suggesting is partnering with them more. Host little “alumni” events for their adopters at your store or doggy daycare where the alumni can mix and mingle, get a discount, and perhaps have a shelter representative there to see how all the dogs are doing.

Make the most of the relationship! Have the rescue send an email to adopters that includes your logo, story and a photo of you or your business. Take photos every time at the party and share them on social media. Talk about your services to everyone in attendance. Don’t forget to get all their email addresses, because now you’ve got some NEW foot traffic in the door and you want to be able to continue marketing to them!

In my own store and with my clients, we use my Pet Boss Blueprint to break down major goals (like conquering any of the three ideas above) into a 90-day plan so foolproof you can’t help but be successful in implementing them. If you’ve got big ideas, but no time, no energy, or no bandwidth to make them happen, I’ve got you! These quick to-dos are examples of small tasks that add up to BIG results as part of a larger plan (and they’re so easy to just get done – no procrastinating).

Head over to Pet Boss Nation and download your FREE blueprint. I’ll teach you how to use it to break down any big goal or problem you’ve been putting off into a manageable 90-day action plan. The PDF includes a series of quick how-to videos so you’ll never be stuck.

Hey, at the end of 90 days your store will still be there.

Will it be full of people, making you more money, running like a well-oiled machine while you’re kicking back with your family, or will it be the same as it is now? It’s up to you!


Download your FREE Pet Boss Blueprint here! Bonus: get the newsletter here.


1candaceCandace D’Agnolo, Founder of Pet Boss Nation and CEO of Dogaholics, started the Pet Boss Nation community because she knows the value that support and coaching can provide to a business. In her own company, she took the my initial concept of a brick and mortar location and turned it into multiple revenue streams – up to three locations, offer services (as in dog walking, doggy daycare, grooming), online informational products, books, merchandise, and now pet business consulting. She’s employed over 150 people, led a team as large as 30 and still runs a successful 7-figure business. 

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