Getting back your authenticity

It was a busy week last week, for all sorts of reasons. On the pet industry front, our favorite M&M maker is now the proud owner of a chain of veterinary hospitals, and the new animals-only terminal – called The ARK – at JFK is officially open for business.
On the home front, FetchFind was selected – out of 180 women-owned companies – to spend three months in St. Louis in a  prestigious venture capital backed business accelerator program. I’ve been schlepping back and forth the past two weeks since it began. It will be worth every plane, train, and automobile, but it sucks being away from my family, especially Sadie.

So…  it’s a good thing I met Buster (pictured above). He’s the resident dog at the co-working space where my program is housed.

I got to be my authentic self with him, which I honestly don’t feel like I get to do very often these days.
I spend most of my week in meetings, in heels – not really what I signed up for when I joined the pet industry. I’ve spent the past two years thinking I had to look the part of a “CEO” for investors, board members, and the hip tech startup scene. But the truth is, I’m done with that. Officially. From here on out I commit to being my authentic self, for the success and health of my company, my daughter, and myself. Once again, a dog made me look inside myself. #FullCircle

I know I can’t be alone on this. What are ways you aren’t living in your authenticity and how is that having an impact on running your business or just living your life? What are the things in your life that you can connect to that will lead you back to center? Here are five ideas for you, my animal-loving friends:

  1. Volunteer. Anywhere. Even for two hours.
  2. Read a book you used to love.
  3. Call an old friend with whom you have lost touch.
  4. Watch your favorite animal genre movie.
  5. Go to the beach or the forest preserves or wherever with your dog. Just somewhere different.
Tell me how YOU take back your authenticity. Shoot me an email and let me know.

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