3 easy tactics to increase holiday sales


By Candace D’Agnolo, CEO of Dogaholics and founder of Pet Boss Nation

Dog lovers are out shopping! Not just for their own dog but for other doggies, too. And the one thing I’ve seen recently in some pet shops is that customers are walking into the business but they aren’t walking out with any purchases! Why is that? The stores have great merchandise, so that’s not it. I think it has more to do with the engagement – or lack thereof – happening with sales associates and merchandise not being strategically placed. Here are three tactics you can implement right now that will increase your revenue – and they don’t cost a thing!

Sales opportunity #1

Say hello and greet every person who walks into the business..

Problem: This may seem like a no-brainer, but when there isn’t a ‘pet boss’ around, sales associates tend to hang in clusters, often behind the counter.

It’s easy to get distracted in conversations (with each other or having all of them talk to one customer), but then customers go completely unnoticed. I don’t think associates intentionally ignore the customers, I think they don’t know what the expectations are of them.

Solution: Create stations and priorities for those stations.

When I had my retail store, I always created zones and stations. So even though we were only 1,000 square feet, someone always had the front, another had the bakery case and the first register (1/2 way through the store), and the third was at the back to talk about food, answer questions, and jump on the second register if needed.

Sales opportunity #2

Have holiday merchandise stocked at the register areas.

Problem: I see pet store after pet store without enough holiday merchandise at the registers. Sometimes there just wasn’t even enough holiday themed inventory, but none of it was at the register.

Solution: I recommend having high priced, impulse products at the registers like holiday collars, puzzle toys, and picture frames. We even had the iFetch (valued at $100+) at the register for a few weeks – and sold 24 of them!

That’s a lot better than small stocking stuffer items. Put things there that the customer can connect with, and change out the merchandise every few days.

Sales opportunity #3

Find a new way to say “anything else for you today?”

Problem: It’s easy to only help the customer with the items they said they were looking for. But what about those things the client NEEDS but doesn’t realize they need? When we say, “Did you find everything okay?” we usually always get a “yep”. And that’s the end of that sales opportunity.

Solution: Instead, ask every customer one of these questions… “What else is going on with __(dog’s name)_?” or “Any Secret Santa or holiday parties coming up for you?” Both of those questions will engage the customer more and give you an opportunity to identify other products in your store that will be useful for them. They help the customer think for a moment about what else they might need or other issues they are having with their pet that may not pertain to what brought them into your business in the first place.

These easy techniques will INCREASE YOUR SALES more than you realize! If your team isn’t prepared, you will miss out on thousands of dollars in the coming weeks. So have a quick meeting and start tackling these tactics today!


1candaceIn addition to being the CEO of Dogaholics and founder of Pet Boss Nation, Candace D’Agnolo is a successful business coach, author, and speaker.  She started Dogaholics as a retail store, and took her initial concept of a brick and mortar location and turned it into multiple revenue streams – retail, services, online informational products, books, merchandise, and now business consulting. Candace is also a board member of Chicago Canine Rescue and loves giving back to her local community. She has helped raise over $200,000 for shelter dogs and find many forever homes. Having a way to give back through her business has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

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