You get what you work for


By Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFindpcip-logo

One of my mentors, Howard Tullman, uses this quote:  “You get what you work for, not what you wish for.”

I’m very proud to share that last week FetchFind was selected as one of the top five most innovative pet care companies in the nation. Along with four other very deserving startups, we’ll be heading down to St. Louis next month to work on our business with the help of a whole slew of talented folks dedicated to growth and innovation in the pet care space.

If you aren’t directly associated with one of the five companies, it is most likely just a lot of words that don’t amount to much other than a nod of congrats and maybe a quick read of one of the press releases… And I totally get that. But I would ask that you take a second and think about your life, career and/or business.

Do other success stories make you feel a little envious?

Maybe you’re envious because you know you’re doing things that should be recognized, or because you know you are not taking every opportunity to create your own success story.

If you are reading this blog, I’m almost certain you want to be the best and take all the necessary steps to do that. You want to set and met your goals and objectives. You want to feel proud. Yep. Join the club. But like Howard says: You get what you work for, not what you wish for.

If you are making excuses for not getting your own recognition, awards, money, advances in your career, or anything else you know you want and deserve, I have this advice for you: stop standing in your own way. I am just learning how to do that after 46 years of life, and the results are endlessly brilliant.


Start building your own success story with these resources:

f6sCreate a profile in f6s to search and apply for grants and awards pertinent to your industry and business growth stage. Fill out your basic info set once, and use it to auto-populate applications.


google-bellSet up Google Alerts to get daily or weekly digests tracking industry developments, the competition, topics of interest, and your own press. (This is seriously one of the greatest time-savers ever.)

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