15 ways to honor the memory of a beloved pet


By Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFind

Yesterday, September 11, was  National Pet Memorial Day.  There are many different ways of remembering and honoring the memory of our pets (some of them quite spectacular). Personally, I’m not one to hang on to things like dog collars or favorite toys  (I’ve moved too many times in the last five years to be very sentimental about keeping things), but I am very thankful that I had professional photos taken of my dogs Sam, Liddie, and The Poodle while they were in their prime. I’ve known people who have opted for many of the following:

Paw casts
Plush toys
Burial pods
Garden stones
Memorial donations
Professional portraits
Pet cemetery burial

Some people cemeteries will also allow pets to buried with their owners. You can even have your pet’s ashes made into fireworks or launched into space. If you have a lot of money sitting around, you can have your pet cloned, cryo-preserved, or taxidermied.

However you choose to remember your pets, I do recommend that you talk to a grief counselor if your usual support network is not enough.  I know that many people feel that grief over the loss of a companion animal is not as “important” as the grief they would feel for a human being, and some will run out and get another pet immediately, without allowing adequate time to mourn their loss. But the human-animal bond can be very, very profound, and it is appropriate – and ultimately healing – to treat it as such after your beloved pet has passed on.


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