Pet tech: apps and gear I’m loving right now

dogBy Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFind

You all know how I love my tech stuff, and it makes me super-happy to see the increasing intersection between the pet industry and technology. Some of the stuff I’m really digging right now are below:

Be prepared for emergencies with this Red Cross Pet First Aid app. It’s like having a vet tech in your pocket. I recommend this to everyone who works with pets for a living. For Android and iOS.

Make sure your pet gets fed (and even medicated) on schedule with an electronic pet feeder. I think this is a much better solution than free-grazing your pets if you’re gone a lot during the day.

No more toilet water! This isn’t high-tech, but if you have a face-licking dog who loves drinking out of that bowl when you’re not looking, or a cat that only drinks from a running faucet, a water fountain is just the thing!

If you want to adopt a pet, check out Woof App. Mark Wade, CEO and Founder, created this fun and elegant app that allows you to search across multiples shelters and rescues, as well as sort by breed, gender, age, size range, and behavior notes. For Android and iOS.

Learn more about the Woof App here. 

If you’re looking to rehome a pet, you can’t go wrong with Pose-a-Pet. Jennifer Whaley, of Fetch Portraits, started this app as a natural extension of her work photographing rescue pets. Pose-a-Pet also helps bring new revenue streams to rescuers through their 50/50 Shelter Share Program. For Android and iOS.

Bonus: listen to my podcast with Jennifer Whaley on Pets Mean Business.

This falls under the category of “I shouldn’t be laughing so hard, but I am”.  I have friends who swear by the Roomba for keeping pet hair and dander to a minimum, but I can’t resist sharing this article about one of the possible pitfalls of automatic vacuuming. Can you say “Poopocalypse”?



What pet tech are you loving these days?





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