The day I felt like Sally Field


By Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFind

In one of her most precious (yet sort of annoying) moments, Sally Field, upon accepting her Oscar, said: “You like me, you really like me!” I recall her taking a lot of crap for that, but I think what she was really saying  was “You see me, you acknowledge me, and it feels good!”

This week I had some of that. Earlier this week there was a very sweet piece published about my experiences an entrepreneur. I (somewhat reluctantly) posted it on Facebook, and assumed that no one would actually have or take the time to read it. I was wrong. A lot of people read it. Shared it. Commented on it.

It was awesome.

And you know what – I really needed it.

I am a mom to a 4 and a half-year-old. I am also a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister…. And on top of all of that (and surpassing most of them), I am a startup CEO deeply involved in evaluating our seed round fundraising options and opportunities. It’s stressful in a way that even I’m not used to – and never mind the 10,000 other things that seem to get in the way of everyday life.

So to cope with the stress, I have been forced to find ways to both cherish and guard my time.  As part of a self-care routine, I recently started running… again. As a former triathlete, I used to love running and my hope is I can find that love again.

Family time comes as I can make it. When I look at the clock and know Sadie is just getting home from school or camp, I have to fight the urge to run home, kiss her and then come back to the office. That doesn’t work for me, and it’s basically a form of torture for her. Either come home and stay home, or please don’t come home at all until you are ready.

She doesn’t say that, but that’s exactly what it is. And she’s right.

Other ways I guard my time:

  • Everything goes in the calendar. If it’s not on there, I won’t do it, and vice versa.
  • Toss out the guilt-inducing to-do lists – they’re rabbit holes I can’t go down anymore.
  • Scheduled meetings have a hard stop. When the time is up, the meeting is over. It’s a great way to focus everyone’s attention on the matter at hand.

So even if I’m on the road for another investor meeting, or putting in a longer day than I’d like, and not with my family or pets, I am satisfied in knowing I am making a difference and doing my best. I’m glad I had my Sally Field moment right when I needed it the most. In this most demanding and pressure filled time of my life, it’s easy to lose perspective on how I got here and question why I am doing this.

What’s the moral of the story (you may be asking yourself)? Work hard, work with passion, but be scrupulous about taking care of yourself, be it with exercise, better boundaries, or allowing yourself to accept a compliment. Your soul needs fuel as well as your body – take care of them both.

Because they really, really like you.


Read the original article here. Thanks to Kate and Alysse from People with Panache for the interview and the fun pictures!

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