Dogs in the Workplace – Part 2

Mo likes to help us with the mail when she isn’t busy charming everyone in sight.

Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFind

An office dog can really lighten a workplace environment, but as I discussed last week there are some downsides to having dogs in the office; one particularly fragrant problem is poop in the office and the resulting loss of productivity. Today, I am going to discuss other initial things you should consider before allowing furry paws into the workplace.

First and foremost, are you already in an office space and considering bringing dogs into the space, or are you on the hunt for dog friendly office spaces?

If you already have the office space, you’re going to need to address and answer the following:

  • Does your office building allow dogs? Check your lease or management rules.
  • Is anyone in your office allergic?
  • Will your landlord require an additional security deposit?
  • Is there easy access or a dog run/area to let your pooch go potty?
  • Is the surface of your office floor easy to clean… just in case (See Dogs in the Workplace – Part 1)
  • Do you have the ability to confine a dog if someone visiting isn’t a crazy dog lover like you?

If you are looking for a dog friendly office space or already have one, you must also consider:

  • What types of activities do you (and your team) spend most of the time at the office doing? Meetings? Working independently?
  • Would a bark or two disrupt the flow, meetings, or phone calls?
  • Do you hold meetings with visiting clients?
  • Who gets to bring their dogs? Do you decide by seniority, pay grade, or cutest dog?
  • What types of limits or rules will you instate for employees regarding bringing their dogs to the office? If you’re the boss, you set the tone.
  • In that same spirit, what happens if the dogs in the office aren’t especially fond of each other?

Next week I will get detailed about the pros and cons of bringing those pups to the office.



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