Oh, No – You Didn’t Just Say That!

by Jamie Migdal, CEO of FetchFind

I’ve hired many, many people in the last 20 years – dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers, shelter workers, admin staff, tech developers – and I like to think that I’ve pretty much heard it all during job interviews. Occasionally I’ll still have those magical moments when I realize that I have not, in fact, heard it all. (I love those moments.)

I’ve spent a lot of time at FetchFind listening to what pet industry employers have to say about searching for staff, and so I’ve put together a list of my top ten favorite things that are guaranteed to raise eyebrows during a job interview. And, yes, these things have actually been said!

1.  Is there some place I can nap during the night shift? (Uh, no. There isn’t.)

2.  Is it okay if my friend/family member/significant other keeps me company during the night shift? (Because obviously napping is out of the question.)

3.  I left my last job because my boss was a jerk. (That may very well be the case, but saying that out loud isn’t a great idea. The pet industry has a very effective grapevine.)

4.  I left my last job because it was getting weird being around all of my ex-girlfriends/boyfriends. (“All of??!”)

5.  I was let go from my last job because I kept leaving before my shift was over, but it was really just a misunderstanding about scheduling. (Oh, well, that’s ok then.)

6.  All of that NSFW stuff on my work computer is because I was hacked by cookie viruses from the AOL pop up ads. (It’s really hard to un-see some of those things, and you know perfectly well the IT department doesn’t believe that excuse for a single second.)

7.  I was let go from my last job because the van with the dogs got towed while I was in the Starbucks. (The moral of this story: get your coffee before getting into the van.)

8.  Is drug testing a part of the interview process here? (It’s a non-issue, because you probably won’t get hired.)

9.  There are a few breeds of dogs I don’t like. Can we make sure I don’t have to handle those kinds? (Sure, we’ll mark that down in your employee preferences, right next to “needs an all-white dressing room” and “only wants green and red M&Ms”.)

10.  I’m allergic to animals. (*speechless*)


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A version of this post was originally published on the IBPSA website.